Inpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment

It is possible to break free from substance use even if previous attempts were unsuccessful. Whether it’s alcohol, opioids, marijuana or another substance, when you or your loved one is ready to stop, we can help you.

Wekiva Springs Center Substance Abuse Program

At Wekiva Springs Center, you are among people who you can trust and believe in your ability to recover. We are a nationally recognized inpatient mental health facility serving adults 18 and older in Jacksonville and surrounding communities.

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment: Why Choose Us?

Start your journey to sobriety in a homelike environment with staff focused on your needs. Our facility has been a destination for substance use disorder treatment for more than two decades. A care team specializing in addiction medicine guides your treatment and tailors services to help you achieve your goals. Meet our team.

Highlights of our program include:

  • National recognition: Wekiva Springs Center maintains Psychiatric Hospital Accreditation from The Joint Commission®. This designation demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality inpatient services. We meet or exceed national psychiatric care standards helping more patients achieve outstanding outcomes. Read more about our licensing and accreditation.
  • Range of services: We maintain special licensing from the State of Florida for treating people with a primary diagnosis of substance abuse. Our capabilities include medical detoxification (detox) services when necessary. If you have co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders, we offer an inpatient dual diagnosis program.
  • Homelike environment: Our facility doesn’t feel like a hospital. Special amenities include an outdoor pool, courtyard and gym with exercise equipment. Wekiva Springs Center is one of the few facilities in the region welcoming service dogs. We provide space for dogs to play and a fenced-in yard. Take a virtual tour.
  • Prompt, no-cost assessments: If you are considering inpatient substance abuse treatment for yourself or a loved one, we quickly determine eligibility. Licensed mental health providers stand ready 24 hours a day to assess and admit patients who need our help. To get started, call us at 904-296-3533 or visit our facility.

Inpatient Substance Use Treatments

We offer a range of services that help you make lasting changes you feel comfortable with. You receive care through one-on-one meetings and group therapy sessions. Learn more about what to expect.

Our offerings include:

  • Medical detox: Suddenly quitting certain substances, such as alcohol, can raise the risk of medical complications, like seizures. We help you or your loved one take this important first step in a caring environment. Our addiction medicine specialist guides your care, and specially trained nurses provide around-the-clock monitoring.
  • 12-step philosophy: We use the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step approach, a trusted framework that helps many people achieve lasting sobriety. It involves acknowledging alcohol’s negative influence on your life and making peace with loved ones who have been harmed.
  • On-site addiction recovery support: Representatives from nationally recognized addiction recovery programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous® and Narcotics Anonymous®, come to Wekiva Springs Center regularly. This arrangement helps you attend meetings that can further your recovery.

Who Are Inpatient Substance Use Services For?

At Wekiva Springs Center, we understand that everyone experiences addiction differently. There are many paths to recovery, so we tailor care to your needs.

Inpatient services may be right if you:

  • Face a high risk of severe withdrawal symptoms and might benefit from medical detox
  • Are dealing with a primary diagnosis of substance abuse
  • Have a dual diagnosis of substance use and a psychiatric disorder, like depression, anxiety or PTSD
  • Experience social or practical challenges, like not having a support system, that could lower the likelihood of successful outpatient rehabilitation

Additional Substance Use Recovery Services

We start laying the groundwork for long-term sobriety early in your stay and help you feel confident about reentering the community. After discharge, additional services may help you smoothly transition to daily life. Explore our intensive outpatient program and partial hospitalization program.

Get Help Now

For a no-cost, confidential assessment, call us at 904-296-3533. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If there is a life-threatening emergency, call 911 for medical concerns or 988 for suicide or mental health crisis.

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